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Brazilian Keratin Treatment

NANO TECHNOLOGY - BRAZILIAN KERATIN TRAETMENT:- A new type of straightening is a hair restoration and a new alternative to keratin treatment, which has a more organic formula. Nano Technology achieves the same or an even better result than a keratin treatment, which is to permanently straighten and smooth the hair.


Nano Technology is also safe for pregnant women (with doctors permission)  and kids from 7 years old, because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or formaldehyde. The desired effects of Nano can last up to 6-8 months or until your hair grows out.  

This treatment restores and nourishes your hair, leaving you with a healthy, silky appearance. The chemical composition is made up of amino acids and collagen. The products for Nano are saturated to the maximum of beneficial substances and supplemented with harmless  elements that facilitate penetration into the hair and interact at the cellular level. The formula for this procedure  is rich in amino acids, which under the action of temperature, penetrate the cortical layer of the hair. Therefore, the structure of the hair becomes strong and the nutrients are integrated in the hair, strengthening and healing it from the inside.

BRAZIALIAN CACAU is only a straightening procedure. It will straighten and smooth your hair but if your hair is thick but does not heals the hair as much 

Both treatments are very effective a keratin treatment can last up to 3 months whereas the nano treatment last up to 6-8 months or  as your hair grows out.


HAIR BOTOX:- For girls that love their curls but want to eliminate frizz and add shine and manageability

Pricing / FA Q

SHORT:- $350

MEDIUM:- $400

LONG:- $450



Ideally, you should colour or tone your hair after a Keratin  treatment. This is because Keratin can lighten your hair by 2-3 tones. 

  • Colouring After Treatment: In salon tint can be performed on the same day after your treatment (nano technology only). If you are colouring your hair at home please wait 2 weeks.

  • Bleach Before Treatment: We recommend that you bleach your hair 2-4 weeks before the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

  • Bleach After Treatment: If you want to bleach your hair after the treatment, we recommend you wait for 2-4 weeks. Ideally, this would have been done 2 weeks before your Brazilian Keratin Treatment 


Haircare doesn’t stop with keratin-treated hair. It’s an ongoing process, the first three days of which are crucial. While keratin hair treatments solve your frizzy, wavy hair problems, you have to provide your hair with the right conditions to get the most out of your treatment. How long the smoothing treatment lasts is entirely dependent on how you handle the aftercare.


It is common to need to wait three days before using water post keratin treatment, but we do not use this technique anymore, as it is outdated. Our Brazilian Keratin Treatment refrains from keeping chemicals on the hair for 3 days and doing so is an old-school technique. Our products are heat-activated and Brazilian made, so once we straighten the hair, that's it. We wash the client's hair straight after the treatment, so we can show the real result.


Other salons may require you to wait for 3 days before you can make any impressions on the hair because they leave the product in during this time (which can be harmful to the hair). Because we wash the hair straight after the treatment, you can tie the hair up. As long as you wash the hair after the treatment, you can do whatever you like to your hair, including:

  • Using hair clips

  • Tying the hair back

  • Wearing sunglasses

  • Wearing hats

  • Braiding the hair

  • Using hair accessories such as headbands


Once the treatment has been washed out, we recommend using salon-quality shampoo and conditioner. Opt for hydration, moisture, and nourishment daily. Use a repair mask every second week or once per week if you're blonde.

We recommend O & M for shampoo and conditioner (or a sulphate free brand) as well as styling products. We sell these brands in-store and a few are available online on our website. We also stock Brazilian Keratin Treatment after care products that will give you the best results and help the treatment to last longer.


Do you dread those hot and humid Summer months that cause the inevitable, yet insufferable hair frizz? With Brazilian Keratin Treatment, you can say goodbye to yesterday's worries of hair frizz and unmanageable hair.

Keratin’s smoothing properties will make styling your hair easier than ever, leaving you with silky smooth locks that look stunning when styled. Don’t have time for curling or straightening? With our keratin treatment, you won’t need to bust out the flat iron to tame frizz or flyaways anymore. Your smooth hair will always be picture-perfect.


Generally speaking, it is okay to use heat styling tools on your hair post keratin treatment, whether that be blow dryers, a curling iron, or a flat iron. This can be done as soon as the product is washed out of the hair. You can curl your hair on the same day as the treatment, as long as you have already washed the product out.  Protect your hair from damage by always using a heat protectant before styling with heat tools.


Blow drying the hair is not required but if you do, the hair will be even shinier. When it comes to our products, the hair will be frizz-free no matter if it's air-dried or blow-dried, so this is up to personal preference.


Heat protectors are like sunscreen for your hair. If you want to avoid damage, they're not optional. Heat protectors contain silicones that act as a barrier over the cuticle of the hair strand, protecting it from heat. 

This includes heat in the form of free radicals, which come from UV rays. So even if you don’t use heat styling tools, if you’re in the sun a lot, you may still want to use heat protection. Here is some other great stuff heat protectors do:

  • Fatty acids and vitamins inside moisturize your hair

  • Locks in hydration

  • Contain oils and silicones that protect the hair

  • Work on dry and damp hair

  • Make your hair dry faster

Ultimately, the best heat protector is no heat styling at all. However, if you’re looking to play around with new hairstyles now that you’ve had a smoothing treatment to fight away frizz, never overlook this hair care step.

However, you should always make sure you’re using the proper hair products for your hair type.

Achieving the goal of stretching out your keratin hair treatment’s benefits for as long as possible makes taking precaution so worth it. To banish frizz forever, book with us today.

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