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In vivo studies in a German Laboratory achieved a 66% increase in lash length and density in 28 days of daily use.

  • The Lash Serum strengthens and lengthens the lashes and eyebrow hair
  • Contains NO Hormones
  • VEGAN 💚
  • Natural peptide molecules, stimulate and strengthen the structure of the hair and lashes and helps with the natural growth process.
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be used in conjunction with eyelash extensions

Lashes that are fine, short and weak will grow longer, thicker and stronger within 2-6 weeks of using the serum on a daily basis.


How to Use

  • Cleanse your lashes and apply our eyelash growth serum 1x per day, at night time onto the base of the lashes.
  • Let dry.
  • Do not apply on the inner part of the lid of eye as it might sting.
  • Use daily for at least 2 or more weeks for visible results. 
  • Continue use for stronger, fuller and longer lashes

Lash Growth Serum

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